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Alpine Veterinary Hospital specializes in animal orthopedic surgery for all of your pet’s bone, joint, muscle and ligament needs. Specifically, we perform FHO (femoral head ostectomy), which removes the “ball” portion of the ball and socket hip joint to relieve chronic pain and replaces the joint with malleable scar tissue. For dogs that suffer from a rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament (the canine equivalent of an ACL), we offer both TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) surgery and lateral sutures.

We work with Veterinary Referrals from around the Bay Area including, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Clayton, Pacheco, Martinez, Brentwood, Antioch and any nearby areas.

How It Works

Establishing a partnership for your orthopedic surgeries is simple. Every hospital is unique in their needs. However, here is a quick summary of how this partnership usually works:

1. Diagnosis

Once you identify an orthopedic issue requiring surgery, it is best to obtain radiographs right away.

Once you have identified a surgical case and obtained radiographs, the next step is to email me what you have and let me take a look. I’ll look at the x-rays and make sure I’m in agreement that the radiographs support the diagnosis. I also want to be sure we both agree that the animal is a good surgical candidate based on the information we have.

If the patient is scheduled for surgery, I will do my own orthopedic examination during the prep time before surgery. If for some reason the previous diagnosis doesn’t match the orthopedic exam, then we will cancel surgery if needed. This is a pretty rare occurrence.

2. Communication with Owner

Surgery, prognosis, and expectations. I also give them a thorough debriefing on what is expected of them during the rehabilitation period. This is also a good time for clients to ask their questions and get feedback.

With every surgery, I provide an information packet for owners to read regarding their pet’s surgical procedure. Information here typically includes a description of the surgery, instructions for postop rehabilitation, and specific warnings of things to look out for. In my packet, I provide the client with my number and email address and encourage them to contact me with questions or concerns during the postop period.

We All Want What is Best for Our Pets

We believe that animals should have a pleasant veterinary experience, which is why our goal is always to have both pets and their owners leave happy!

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