Nutritional Counseling


Right Type of Food for Your Pet

What your pet eats every day can have a direct impact on their long-term health. Poor food decisions can lead to obesity, bowel problems, allergies, and more. That is why our team at Alpine Veterinary Hospital offers animal nutritional counseling. We can walk you through the overwhelming choices that are found in today’s pet stores and online. From wet to dry to raw and semi-moist varieties, we can advise you on the right type of food for your pet’s individual needs. Want to know the difference between grain-free and limited ingredient? How about prescription diets? Not sure what treats can support dental health? Take advantage of our animal nutritional counseling and learn how a healthy pet starts with a healthy diet.

Expert Nutritional Counseling for Your Pets

Animal nutritional counseling also includes our expert advice on exercise, eating habits, and managing varied dietary needs in a multi-animal household.

Nutritional Counseling in Concord

Alpine Veterinary Hospital provides expert nutritional counseling to pet owners in Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Clayton, Pacheco, Martinez, Brentwood, Antioch and any nearby areas.

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